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Hello, I'm Steve ... a Professional Copywriter.

My job is to make your business and its products shine for your customers.

I call it The Business of Words.

The Business of Words

A copywriter uses the psychology of words to channel customers to your products.


That’s me. I'll put you at the forefront of customers' minds when they’re thinking about buying.


I call it The Business of Words.


We buy using our emotions, which words convey powerfully. I find the emotional sweet spot by using words to shine a light on what you do.


Customers don't want to read waffle or technobabble. They're already having to wade through too much information.


If you use too few words, however, they'll have unanswered questions and go elsewhere.


So, use a qualified copywriter; someone who understands how to make you more successful.

The Business of Words.


Let's get writing. 

Writing should not draw attention to itself. It's not about the writing.


I write about anything that requires business acumen, composition and creativity.

Whether it's a blog or a white paper, I'll adopt the right tone of voice.


Ranging from emails to web content, my writing is clear and straightforward.


It could be a Product Description or an Annual Report, but customers dislike complexity, so I remove it.

And you’ll sell more because my writing will be clear about what you do and what you sell.


So, if you need someone to write for you, please find out more or get in touch.   

Write simply, without waffle or technobabble, and in a way that you would like someone to speak to you.


It’s good to structure the creative process a tad because it gives us the best chance of making sure that the copy does the job.


So, here’s how I usually step through a project:

  • Client requirements

  • Copywriting Proposal

  • Creative Brief

  • Research

  • Writing

  • Drafts/Feedback/Final Draft

  • Sign-Off

But, if you need something quickly, then let’s just crack on with it.

Working with Steve has been brilliant. He managed to take what I was trying to say, and turn it into excellent positive words. My website now flows and is something I am proud of. He made me realise why employing a copywriter is so important.

Health Club Owner

Content creation keeping you awake?

Do you need help to be more successful using the power of words?


Get in touch with a Professional.

You can phone me on 07752 207080

or please use the Get in Touch Button.

I'm based in Cambridgeshire.

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